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These are samples of our backgrounds. We have holiday and seasonal backgrounds. Also special backdrops such as beach and wallpaper and pinks. Solid color paper backgrounds for a seamless look in white, black and red. Muslin backdrops in light gray, dark gray, light blues, dark blue, browns, greens and red. We are are always adding new backgrounds for different looks. We also have small backdrops for kids, holiday, birthday, etc. We have a small portable studio for infants and kids. Tell us what you picture your session to be like and we will help you decide which backgrounds are best!

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White paper rollgray paper rollblack paper backgroundred paper backdropdark gray dbl side 10x20 muslindenim look 10x20 dbl side muslinlight gray thin sheet 10x20light gray sheet 10x20about 10x20about 8x810x20 blue10x20 blue10x24 reddish/burnt orangequilted blanket 10x1010x20 greengold 10x2410x20 we have 210x20 muslin10X20 muslin